The following section describes the two most common issues on Bosch devices. These are generally issues with transferring the Tours from komoot to Bosch or differences between Tour data and the routing. 

Transferring Tours

Only routes from regions for which you have the maps unlocked on Komoot are available for synchronization. When Tours are not transferred, please check if you unlocked the respective regions.

Please be aware that Tours shorter than 500m will not be transferred from your Bosch device to komoot. When transferring from komoot to Bosch we have a limit of 240km in the Bosch navigation system, which is why longer Tours will not be transferred. Those Tours have to be split in segments to use them on your Bosch device.

Tour data and routing

Since data can be interpreted differently on komoot and the Bosch device, it is possible that the Tour data differs a bit between komoot and Bosch. The routing can be slightly different, since is can be necessary in some cases to recalculate the route. If the differences are too big, please contact our support so we can have a look.

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