If you own a Sigma device, you have the possibility to set up a connection with komoot. This way you can load your komoot Tours onto the device and navigate them offline.

Establishing the connection

In order to set up the connection between the Sigma device and komoot please follow these instruction:

  • Turn on your Sigma device and you will see a komoot button on the first screen. Click this button.
  • Then you will first be asked to enter the email connected to your komoot account and after clicking on “login” you will need to enter your komoot password. In the next step you have to agree that the device can access your komoot Tours. 
  • After completing this process your Tours will be loaded onto your Sigma device.

Transferring and navigating Tours

  • When you click on the komoot button, you will see a list with all your planned komoot Tours.
  • You download them onto your Sigma device by clicking on the small download symbol which you see next to each Tour.
  • After downloading a Tour you can open it and it will be displayed on the map. 
  • When choosing “Select” the Sigma device will recalculate the komoot Tour to adapt it to the Sigma maps. The route will then be offline available on the device.
  • After this process is completed a start button will appear, which you can click to start the navigation.

Problems on Sigma devices

When you click on the komoot button to load your Tours, it can happen that you see a message “You are offline”. This means that your device needs an internet connection or is currently looking for one. If it is connected, the message should disappear after a few moments.

If you have problems synchronizing the Tours, you can trigger the synchronization manually by going to the Tour list and clicking on settings (the small cogwheel on the bottom right) and then on “sync data”. This way your Tours will be synchronized. 

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