Owning a Lezyne device gives you the possibility to upload your komoot Tours to your Lezyne device and navigate them offline on your device. 

Establishing the connection

To use komoot on your Lezyne device you need to connect your komoot account with your Lezyne account. This means that you need to create a Lezyne account (if you do not have one yet). You can do this either via the Lezyne web page https://www.lezyne.com/gpsroot/gps_login.php or in the “Lezyne GPS Ally” app you can download to your phone.

  • In the App you go to “Navigation” and then click in the upper right corner to open the menu. There you choose “Komoot Tours”.
  • A dialogue window will open asking you if you want to connect with komoot. After clicking “Ok” you will be redirected to the browser of your phone to a login page where you need to enter the email address of your komoot account and in the next step your komoot password. Grant the Lezyne app access to your komoot account. Afterwards a message will be displayed asking you to reload the Lezyne app, meaning you should exit your browser and open the Lezyne app again.
  • Alternatively you can login on the Lezyne webpage with your account, you go settings and choose “komoot”. Afterwards you will be redirected to the komoot webpage where you can complete the login process the same way as in the app. After the connection is set up you need to click “Return to GPS Root” where you need to click “Confirm sync” above the komoot symbol
  • After completing the connection of the two accounts, your komoot Tours will automatically be uploaded to your Lezyne account. 

Using komoot Tours on Lezyne devices

  • You will find your komoot Tours in the Lezyne app by clicking on “Navigation” and then on the menu in the upper right corner. There you select “Komoot Tours” to see your Tours.
  • Choose the Tour you would like to navigate and click the “Go” button to send it your Lezyne device. Your Lezyne device will now display turn by turn directions.
  • After finishing your Tour, it will be uploaded to your Lezyne account. 

Be aware that the Lezyne device needs to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to enable the transfer of the Tour from the Lezyne pp to your device.

Uploading a completed Tour to komoot

After completing your Tour it will not be automatically uploaded to komoot. You have two ways of uploading your Tours manually. 

Either you connection your device via a cable to your computer, navigate to the “Activities” folder on your device and look for the .fit file. You can upload this file via the button “Import a GPS file” on the komoot webpage. Read this article for more information about how to upload the file: Importing and exporting GPX files

Another way is to go the Lezyne GPS Root webpage, go to your completed activity and choose “komoot” from the “Share” drop down menu in the upper right corner. A message “Uploaded Successfully to komoot” will appear.

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