To get komoot navigation instructions on your Yamaha e-bike display, you need to use Yamaha Display C. Your Yamaha Display C will show you turn-by-turn navigation arrows as well as the distance to the next crossroad and the name of the street. 

Establishing the connection

Set up a Bluetooth connection between your Smartphone and the Display C. Set it up using the following steps:

  • Mount your Display C on your e-Bike and turn it on. Use the buttons on the left side of the steering bar to make changes on the Display C.
  • In the komoot app, go to your profile, choose “settings” and then “Bluetooth Connect”. Choose ”Yamaha E-bike”.
  • komoot will start looking for your Display C, when it is found, it will show up and you can select it (bluetooth has to be turned on on your Display C)
  • On your Display C go to the main menu. If the main menu does not show, press the “Select” button on your steering bar for a few seconds.
  • Choose "Layout” in the menu of the Display C. Choose “Compass" mode which you need for navigation. The connection to komoot should be activated automatically. 
  • If the Bluetooth connection on your Display C does not establish automatically, you can go back to the main menu and choose “Bluetooth”. There you can choose from different Bluetooth profiles to activate the connection. You do not have to select a specific profile in order to connect to komoot, but some profiles might work better in combination with your smartphone than others. 

The Display C only functions as a display, which means that the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Display C has to be turned on during the whole Tour. You will not be able to transfer komoot Tours to your Display C nor use the display without your phone.

Problems with the Bluetooth connection

If you are facing problems with the connection, try disconnecting and reconnecting the display and your phone a few times. You can also choose a different Bluetooth profile on your Display C by selecting “Bluetooth” in the main menu and then testing the different profiles offered by the device. It can help to delete and re-download the komoot app.

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