You can use the komoot app for Samsung watches running the Tizen operating system in three different ways: 

  • In “Companion Mode,” to mirror navigation instructions from your phone on the watch.
  • To navigate planned Tours as a standalone app, without being connected to your phone.
  • To record Tours and upload them  to your komoot profile.

Tip: This article explains how to install komoot on Samsung watches (Tizen)

Attention: The Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 run with Wear OS. This article explains how to connect and navigate tours for this watch: komoot app for Wear OS devices

Companion Mode

You can use the komoot app on your Samsung watch in conjunction with your phone, if you would like to access features like the full map display or voice navigation. Once you’ve installed the app and logged in:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and your watch. 
  2. Open the komoot app on your watch. 
  3. Scroll down the menu to select Connect phone.
  4. Open the komoot app on your phone.
  5. Go to Profile > Settings () > Bluetooth Connect > Samsung Galaxy Watch
  6. Wait for the connection to be set up. 
  7. Once the connection is there, open the planned Tour on your phone that you would like to navigate.
  8. Start the navigation on your phone.
  9. Open the komoot app on your watch to see the navigation instructions.

Only the next instruction and street name will be displayed on the watch. To view other information about the Tour, such as the elevation profile or distance to destination, please check your phone. 

 Note: We received reports that some users have problems connecting their watch with an iPhone. At the current state we are not able to fix those issues and we recommend using the standalone app instead.

Navigating a planned Tour

If you would like navigation instructions without needing to connect the watch to your phone, you can do this as well. 

Once you’re logged in and have opened the komoot app on your watch, you will see a list of your planned Tours. To start a navigation, click on Planned Tours and select the Tour you would like to navigate. Tours are automatically listed based on date and cannot be filtered based on other aspects. 

When the navigation starts, you will see turn-by-turn instructions on the watch. Swipe to the left to access more information about the Tour, like your current and average speed, the elevation profile, and distance. Voice navigation is not supported in this mode. 

You can also download the Tour on your watch to have offline navigation available. This will let you use the navigation without the watch being connected to the internet or to your phone. 

The navigation will continue running in the background even if the display of the watch is turned off or if you switch to another app. To get back to the navigation screen, open the komoot app from the menu. Alternatively if you look at the watch while the navigation is running, the komoot app will be displayed in the foreground. 

Recording a Tour

To record a Tour (without having planned it), you can simply select the Record a Tour option in the komoot app on the watch. Swipe to the left to see information about the distance you’ve travelled and your speed. When you’re done, you can save the Tour and select the sports type. The Tour will then be uploaded to your komoot profile as soon as the watch has internet access.

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