You can transfer your Tours to older Garmin devices without the Garmin Connect app. Export your selected Tours as a GPX file and upload them to your Garmin.

Transferring Tours to your Garmin

You can export a Tour from komoot by opening a Tour in your komoot profile on the website and clicking the button “download for GPS device”. This will download your Tour as a GPX file, which you can then upload to your Garmin device. You’ll need to connect your Garmin to your computer and add the file to the “Courses” folder on your Garmin.

Deleting Tours from your Garmin 

To remove downloaded routes from your Garmin device, leave the komoot app and find the "Courses" folder on your Garmin device. You can delete the Tours from that folder manually. Alternatively, you can connect your device to your PC via USB and delete them from the "Courses" folder via your PC's file manager.

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