When you use komoot on your Garmin there are some issues that can occur while setting up the connection. For example bluetooth issues, trouble logging in, or transferring Tours between komoot and your device. Here are the most common issues and some tips for solving them.

Connection and downloading issues 

The most common problems people face are related to the connection or Tour synchronization between the komoot app on your phone and the Garmin device. The connection and Tour synchronization is done via bluetooth – unfortunately quite an unstable connection prone to breaking. 

You might have an unstable bluetooth connection if a Tour is not downloading, if you get an error message on your Garmin asking you to establish a connection, or if your  Garmin screen shows the IQ Symbol with an exclamation mark.

What you can do:

  • Place your device and your phone closer to each other.
  • Refresh the connection by disconnecting and reconnecting it a few times.
  • Delete and reinstall the komoot Garmin app, the Garmin Connect app and the komoot app
  • Update your apps, your phone software and your device firmware. For example an old software version of your device may be incompatible with a new version of komoot. Please read in the section below how to update the firmware of your Garmin.

If none of these tips work, contact us providing the name and software version of your device, as well as which phone you use. Include the  software version your phone is using and the version of komoot.

Connecting to the wrong account

If the connections seems to be set up correctly, but your komoot Tours don’t show up in your Garmin Connect app or they get transferred from your Garmin to komoot but not from komoot to your Garmin, you might have accidentally connected your Garmin device to another komoot account to the one you’re currently logged into.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to disconnect your device from your account and reconnect it. Be aware that it‘s only possible to connect one device at a time to one komoot account. If you have other devices connected to the same komoot account, please disconnect those. Read how to disconnect other devices from your Garmin here: Disconnecting komoot from Garmin.

Logging in with Facebook on the komoot Garmin app

Facebook login is not supported with the komoot Garmin app. If you use the Facebook login to access your komoot account on the komoot webpage, you won’t have a password to use to log in on the komoot Garmin app. To log on, set a password on the website. 

Open komoot.de via a browser window, and go to your profile settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner. There you will be able to see your email address and choose a password for your account. You can use this email and password to log into the komoot Garmin app.

Updating the komoot Garmin app

If you use the Garmin Connect IQ app, it should update the komoot app automatically when you sync the device. If this is not the case, you have several options to update the app manually:

  • Open the Garmin Connect App on your phone, then open the list of devices and click on Activities and apps. Select the Update option next to the Komoot app.
  • If you use Garmin Express on your PC, connect the device to the computer to update the komoot app.
  • You can also open the link to the komoot app in the Garmin Connect IQ store on your phone. If an update is available you can click the update button there.

Updating Garmin software

The software of your Garmin should be updated on a regular basis, since Garmin also develops their software and corrects errors. In order to update your Garmin software you can follow the instructions on this Garmin webpage.

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