When you are using the Garmin IQ app to connect your Garmin device with komoot, some features will be available on your Garmin device, while others won’t be accessible. The availability depends mostly on the capabilities of your device. If you are using the Courses sync integration or export your Tours as .gpx files to your Garmin, you will always have those features available that your device provides.

Komoot maps

When you import a Tour to your Garmin using the Garmin IQ App, the route’s GPS coordinates are transferred and the route will be recreated on the Garmin map. This means that you will always see the maps installed on your Garmin device. If you have several maps installed, komoot will use the maps you selected for primary use. You will not see the komoot maps on your Garmin, but you need to have access to the respective regions where your komoot Tours start.

Voice navigation on Garmin

Komoot’s voice navigation is not available when Tours are exported to a Garmin device. The navigation is up to the technical capabilities of the Garmin device itself. If you use external routes, such as the ones created on komoot, you will only see the route as a line on the map you can follow. 

However, some Garmin devices offer full navigation for routes created on the device itself. If you let the device recalculate the Tour the route will then be adapted to the maps of your Garmin device. The recalculation usually starts automatically when you start the Tour and will take a few minutes. Keep in mind that it's possible that the route might be adjusted slightly in the process. Voice navigation is not possible on Garmin watches.

Turn-by-turn navigation arrows

At the moment, no Garmin devices are capable of showing turn-by-turn navigation arrows on the device screen when using the IQ app only. If your device contains maps and is able to recalculate the route, the Tour will be adapted to the Garmin maps. In this case you will see the instruction arrows provided by Garmin. 

Premium features

If you’ve purchased komoot Premium, the Collections feature is available on all Garmin devices, when you use the IQ app. You can find it when clicking on your profile. It will appear as a separate tab below the tab opening your planned Tours on the Garmin. Please be aware that the Collection feature is not available when you don’t use the komoot IQ App on your Garmin device.

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