If you own a Garmin device and want to use the Tours you planned with komoot on your Garmin you have different possibilities, depending on which Garmin device you are using. You can use the Garmin komoot app to transfer Tours via Bluetooth. If your device does not support any of these options, you can import a komoot Tour as a GPX file to your Garmin. 

Komoot app on Garmin Connect

For certain devices it is possible to download the Garmin specific komoot app on your device via the Garmin IQ Store. This will allow you to establish a Bluetooth connection between your Garmin and your phone and this way transfer your komoot Tours on your Garmin as well as the Tours you complete on your Garmin back to komoot via Garmin Connect. Once established, the Tours you planned on komoot will automatically appear on your Garmin and can be made offline available with one click. All planned Tours of the last 30 days will be transferred. The Tours you completed with your Garmin will automatically synchronize to komoot after you finished a Tour. The komoot app exists at the moment for the following devices: List with compatible Garmin devices.

To find out how you can connect your Garmin via the Garmin Connect app click here: Connecting via the Garmin Connect app

Komoot Courses Sync Integration

If your Garmin device does not have the technical requirements to use the komoot app, you can set up our Garmin Courses Sync integration instead, which allows komoot to transfer the last 50 Tours you planned with komoot to your Garmin device. Your device then downloads these automatically.

To find out how you can set up the Garmin Courses integration, click here: Garmin Courses integration

Importing Tours as GPX files

If the above two options are not available on your Garmin device, you can export your komoot Tours as a GPX file and upload them to your Garmin. To find out how this works, click here: Importing GPX files to Garmin.

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