You can use komoot in connection with Facebook for various reasons. You can sign up for komoot and log in with Facebook, or you can connect your account later to find Facebook friends on komoot and share your Tours on Facebook. Having your accounts connected will allow komoot to show you which of your Facebook friends are already on komoot and give you the option to follow them. 

Connecting Facebook

You can connect your Facebook and komoot accounts by logging in via Facebook directly or granting komoot access to your Facebook friends list in our mobile app. To do this go to your Profile > Settings (Cogwheel) > Connections > Facebook. 

Disconnecting Facebook

To disconnect your Facebook and komoot profiles, go to the mobile app, select Profile > Settings (Cogwheel) > Connections > Facebook and disconnect from here. You also need to go into your Facebook account settings and disconnect komoot from there. It is not currently possible to manage the Facebook connection on our website.  

Reset password for Facebook login

If you’ve created your komoot account with your Facebook login and would like to have an independent login with an email and password, you can do this by resetting your password. You need to use the same email address as the one you use for your Facebook account, because it was automatically used during the creation of your account. 

To update your komoot password, go to our login page. Enter the email address you use for your Facebook account and request a new password. You should receive an email from us with the new password. If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder. You can then log in with the new password and your email address.

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