If you notice a problem in our routing system, you can report this in the route planner on our website or in the mobile apps during navigation or recording a Tour. This way you will be able to help us improve the routing system in komoot.

When using the route planner on our website, click on the exclamation mark on the bottom right of the map. A dialogue box will open and ask you on which part of the map you encounter a problem. Mark the spot on the map and click “continue”. A pop-up list of possible topics to choose from will appear. If you want to change the subject you chose, you can return to the main menu by clicking “change”. If you don’t think your issue corresponds to any of these options, choose “Other” and leave a description of your issue. 

You will find the same reporting function in the komoot app. Click on “Controls” (iOS devices) or the thumbs up and thumbs down icon (Android devices) during a navigation or recording and choose “report a route issue.”

We appreciate feedback from our users, who put a lot of effort into helping us improve our maps and routing system. But please be aware that we can’t guarantee we’ll adapt our maps according to your suggestions. Also currently we cannot keep you updated on the implementation of possible changes due to the number of contributions we receive.

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