Komoot currently supports English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, and Spanish. To change your preferred language, open your Profile settings on the website via More () > Settings > Language and Units and choose the language you’d prefer from the drop-down list.

The language of the komoot app is selected based on your preset phone language settings. Komoot will automatically run in the first available language from this list. 

If the order is like the following, the komoot app will be in German:

  1. Russian (or any language we do not offer)
  2. German
  3. English

In this case, the app will be in English:

  1. Russian (or any language we do not offer)
  2. English
  3. German 


From iOS 13.3.1 or higher, the language of the komoot app can also be changed independently of the mobile settings. To do this, go to iPhone Settings > komoot > Language and select the desired language. With older iOS versions, the rules described above apply. 

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