It’s not possible to merge two komoot accounts. If you’ve created multiple accounts and want to keep the content on both, we recommend you choose which account to keep based on the number of Tours and purchased regions on it and delete the other one. 

To transfer Tours manually from one account to another:

  • Log in with the profile you want to delete via the website.
  • Download your recorded or planned tours as GPX files.
  • Log out of this profile. To do this, move the mouse pointer to the three dots in the top right, next to your profile picture, and click on "Log Out".
  • Log in with the email address of the profile you want to keep.
  • Go to the plus icon at the top right of the website, select "Import GPS file" and save the files of your tours as a planned Tour or as a recording with the date of your choice.
  • Photos and comments on Tours are not imported. You can add your photos to your imported Tour by selecting the Tour and clicking "Edit Tour". Click on the photo icon to add. If your photos are only available within your komoot account (not saved to your phone), you can download each picture of the tours individually by right-clicking on the picture and choosing "Save picture".

You can delete the second profile on our website. Make sure you are logged in with the profile you want to remove! A deleted profile can not be restored.

If you would prefer not to put in the manual effort of transferring the Tours, you can keep both profiles and tag your other profile as a participant on the Tours. You can also invite yourself as a participant on planned Tours. In this case, it’s important that you keep both profiles so that the Tours are not deleted!


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