You can save storage space on your phone by deleting regions and Tours you’ve downloaded for offline use. Only offline map material is saved on your device. Completed and planned Tours on your profile are stored on our server once saved. Deleting these won’t affect your storage. 

Deleting downloaded regions

You can delete the region maps in the app by tapping the region in the regions area under "Saved offline maps"(iOS)/ "My offline regions"(Android) and swiping the slider from right to left. If you have Premium, click on “Premium” and then “Offline maps” to find the same option. You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion, then the data will be removed from your device memory.

Deleting downloaded Tours

Open the planned tour in your profile under "Planned". Then swipe the "Offline available" slider to the left. The maps and the geometry of the Tour will be removed from your mobile phone. The Tour itself is preserved - it is on our server.

If you would like to permanently delete Tours from your profile, please refer to our article: Deleting Tours from Profile.


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