You can upload external GPX files to komoot if they’re in a certain format and fulfill certain criteria set by the app. If you get the error message "Sorry, your file could not be imported." There could be several reasons. Please check your file follows the upload criteria below.

Upload criteria on komoot

  • Komoot currently only supports GPX, FIT and TCX files during import. 
  • Only planned tours can be uploaded. Single GPS locations or a collection of single points (e.g. POIs like campsites or coordinates) are not accepted for upload. 
  • We need trackpoints (<trkpt>) to plan GPX files (see Wikipedia article on GPS Exchange Format for more information) or waypoints (<wpt>) to display the tour.
  • The formatting of the file cannot be corrupted. You can open your file with an editor program on your computer to see the formatting. Certain editors may display formatting errors using different color markings.

Deviations from the original file after the import

In some cases, the imported route deviates slightly from the original route in the file you uploaded.  Komoot adapts the imported route to our maps. In most cases this doesn’t cause problems, but occasionally the file is imported with large deviations or komoot is unable to adapt the route at all. This might result in the error message. In this case, please send us the GPX file.

Files consisting of several segments 

You can import files that consist of several segments to komoot. However, we can only upload them one by one, not all at once.

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