1. Go to the area "Plan" (second icon from the left in the app)
  2. Select the sport. You can use these sports to plan your route:
  • Hiking
  • bicycling
  • mountain bike
  • racing cycling
  • running
  • Cycling (with gravel)
  • Mountain biking (Alpine)
  • mountaineering
  1. Choose if you only want to plan the way there, or the way back and forth
  2. Adjust your fitness level - we have 5 levels from untrained to professional. Based on the fitness level we calculate the time you need for the tour.
  3. Now enter your waypoints. If you type in the address field, you can enter a location, select the current position, select saved locations or display POIs such as parking spaces, accommodations, etc. on the map, and then use them for planning.
  4. If you set only two waypoints and choose a return route, komoot will choose the fastest way back and forth. Normally this is the same route (unless you have chosen a bike and were led through a one-way street on your way there). If you want a round trip, you must set at least 3 waypoints.
  5. Note when planning: By default komoot intelligently integrates your waypoints into the tour, i.e. with as little distance in between as possible and regardless of the order in which you set them. If you want to set the waypoints "in click order", here is an explanation of how this works.

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