Every Tour you record is automatically uploaded to our servers when you save it, as soon as you have a stable internet connection. A small wheel turning indicates the  upload is in process. Please do not delete Tours while the wheel turns, even if you think they are already uploaded. 

The Tour will be synchronized with your profile on all your devices. If the Tour is uploaded, but not visible on other devices, you’re probably logged in to different accounts. In this case please read the following article Using unlocked regions on a new phone.

The upload may take longer if you took a lot of pictures in the app during your Tour. In that case you’ll see the wheel turning under the Tour in the app. The Tour will not appear in your profile on the website or on other devices while the upload is processing. If your internet connection is unstable or the upload is breaking off for another reason, you can restart the process manually.

To re-start the Tour upload, open the app again with a WLAN connection, then go to the list of done Tours and tap the Tour in question. It should be fully uploaded after a while. Please do not log out of the app while a Tour is uploading.


Deactivate your screen lock while the Tour is uploading so the upload is not interrupted. As soon as you exit the app – if you tap the Home button of your iPhone, turn off the screen via the Start button on the right, or your mobile phone automatically goes into sleep mode – the system can close the app preventing komoot from automatically restarting the failed upload.

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