When you’re offline, you can use komoot maps by starting a navigation of a planned Tour or by starting a recording of an unplanned route. This is only possible if you have purchased the region.


When recording a Tour while offline, you will only be able to see the map details for regions you have downloaded for offline use. 

To do this, go to the regions section, enter the name of a city in the desired area and toggle the option “available offline”. You’ll need to wait until the download is completed and the region is marked with a little black pin in the overview. This can take a while –  don’t start too many downloads simultaneously as they will slow each other down.

When you start the recording you’ll see the map in full screen, your location, your progress, and data about your recording.

If the required region is not downloaded when you start a recording komoot will try to pull the map from the Internet. Depending on your connection and the availability of mobile data, the maps might be displayed incompletely, or not at all.


Every planned Tour can be downloaded to your mobile phone via the "Offline available" slider in the Tour details section of the app. The necessary map material and Tour data will be downloaded. This process is explained in more detail here. You can only download planned Tours for offline voice navigation. It won’t work for recordings you made with komoot. Note that when the Tour download is complete, the slider will turn blue, and a small black pin will appear next to the Tour. If you do not see the pin, the tour is not fully downloaded.


Once you have downloaded Tours or regions, it’s important that you don’t log out of the app. You can close the app, but if you log out of your profile all data saved on your device will be removed.

If you didn’t log out and your Tours and regions appear to be downloaded correctly, but the maps are still not loading when you’re offline, there might be a problem with your SD card. Please have a look at this article: SD Card is not recognized

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