If you are in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands or the UK and you signed up for komoot from there, you’ll see the "Discover" interface in the app (star icon) and on our website. Here you’ll find Tour suggestions, Highlights, and Collections to explore. 

If you need inspiration for your next trip, komoot suggests Tours and Highlights for you in the Discover feed, which is updated on a daily basis. You’ll also find Tours from the people you follow in the feed. You can save a copy of these Tours on your account and edit them according to your needs. 

Differences between DACH versions and international versions of komoot

The Discover feed is automatically deactivated in places where we can’t yet offer enough high-quality Tours or Highlights suggestions. However, there are some exceptions because we want to ensure that users who use an international version of the app but live in a country where the feed is enabled, can access it. For example, if you use the French version of the app but live in Berlin, you can access the Discover feed. 

We take several factors into consideration to determine who sees the Discover interface: your signup country, the device's location, the IP-address currently in use, and the account activity in the past months.

Activating the "Discover" feed

If you happen to be one of the users who does not see the Discover interface, you can activate it by going to the settings – although we cannot guarantee the quality of the content in regions where it’s not automatically turned on. On the webpage you find "Enable Discover" on the bottom right and on mobile it will be in the app settings. Go to your Profile > Settings (cogwheels icon) > App settings > “Enable Discover.”

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