Here’s some advice on how to create Highlights that will get visited and recommended by other people. For step-by-step instructions on how to create the Highlight itself, please refer to this article: Creating Highlights

  • Create Highlights in places you think others would be interested in checking out. There should be something special or interesting about the place that makes you want to recommend it for others. 
  • Give the Highlight a descriptive name that’s easy to understand.
  • Add high-quality, authentic, and relevant pictures to the Highlight. Don’t add unrelated photos of other spots that are close by. 
  • Add detailed tips that might be useful for someone who wants to visit the Highlight. Is the Highlight especially great to visit at sunset or during specific seasons? Would you recommend special footwear? 
  • Create multiple kinds of Highlights: both outdoor sights and traditional points of interest. That might include an especially challenging single trail just as much as a beautiful roadside café, a secluded campsite or a viewpoint. 
  • Don’t create Highlights that are only temporary or around for a limited-time only, such as of animals, icicles or  seasonal events, like a Christmas market. 
  • Try to create Highlights in spots that haven’t been discovered by other people yet. Duplicate Highlights will get merged. 
  • Don’t create Highlights to leave notes or as waypoints. Highlights should be places that you would specifically recommend to other people to visit. 
  • Don’t create Highlights to show places that should be avoided, like a high traffic road.
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