Highlight Do’s & Don’ts: How to Highlight It Like a Pro

From South Tyrol to San Francisco Bay, komoot users worldwide have been busy making good use of the freshly released Highlights feature. Highlights allow komoot fans to create and discover the most interesting outdoor spots, so it’s pretty important that every single Highlight that’s created is stellar.
And because we know you’re all overachievers, we’ve put together a handy list of do’s and don’ts so you can create stellar Highlights of your own.

Highlight Do’s

  • Do create descriptive, easily understandable Highlight names 
  • Do pick interesting spots that others would be interested in checking out for themselves
  • Do add high-quality, authentic, detail-rich photos to your Highlights
  • Do create Highlight tips that are detailed and useful for potential visitors. Is your special spot especially beautiful at sunset or during specific seasons? Would you recommend special footwear? Is it useful to know about opening hours? Sometimes it's also good to reconsider your own experience. Was there anything you wish you would have known in advance?
  • Do create multiple kinds of Highlights: both outdoor sights and traditional points of interest. That might include an especially challenging single trail just as much as a beautiful roadside café, a secluded camp site or a viewpoint that offers especially breathtaking sights of the surrounding scenery

Got all those do’s committed to memory? We’re proud of you! But before you venture off to create your own Highlights, take note of our Highlight don’ts because, hey, nobody’s perfect.

Highlight Don’ts

  • Don’t add non-descriptive, unspecific photos to your Highlights. Remember, folks are using your Highlight recommendations to plan their own Tours. Also avoid using portrait photos or selfies for that reason
  • Don’t create Highlights with misleading, non-descriptive names. Highlight names are often the first indicator that others use to decide if they’re interested.
  • Don’t point out Highlights that are only temporary or around for a limited-time only, such as animals or an icicle on a branch
  • Don’t create Highlights out of waypoints. Highlights should only focus on the most intriguing parts of every Tour.
  • Don’t create Highlights that offer no recommendations or suggestions on interesting spots. Remember, other users rely on Highlights to discover where to go.
  • Fun should be a part of every Tour. But please don't mark anything as Highlight just for a good laugh. 

Ready to get out there? We thought so.

Plan a Tour that includes a Highlight right now!

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