As a komoot user, you can use your komoot Tours on the Bosch Nyon and the Bosch Kiox devices. When establishing a connection you can transfer your planned Tours to your Bosch devices and your completed Tours back to your account.

Establishing the connection between your Bosch device and your komoot account

In order to transfer your Tours from komoot to your Bosch device you need to create an account on the Bosch Connect website In the Bosch portal click “Route planning” and then on “My Routes”. On the left you’ll see the option to “Connect with komoot”. You’ll be asked to confirm the connection. After connecting, you’ll be taken to a page where you have to log in with your komoot account. Another login window will appear asking you to confirm that Bosch Connect can access your komoot Tours. When this is done, your Tours will automatically be synchronized and appear in the Bosch Connect Portal. It makes no difference which sport type your komoot Route has been planned for.

Transferring Tours between komoot and Bosch Nyon and Kiox

All your planned komoot routes will be available in the Bosch portal after establishing the connection to komoot. They will automatically be transferred to your Bosch account with the next synchronization, but your device has to be connected to wifi for this to happen. Start the synchronization on your device by clicking on the double arrow symbol. 

You’ll find the synced komoot Tours on your device under “Map & Navigation” and then “Saved Routes”. All your komoot routes will have “komoot” written in front of the title of the Tour. 

To transfer your Tours via the Bosch ebike Connect app from your smartphone, connect your device to your phone. In the Bosch ebike Connect app you can transfer the Tours by clicking the map symbol in the app. Find the synced routes by clicking in the search field in the app, and find the tab “Saved Routes”. On the Kiox you will get to the "Saved Routes" by clicking the compass needle symbol in Ebike Connect. The komoot Tours will be marked with the komoot logo. Choose a route and click “Start Route.” The Tour will be transferred to your device.

When you complete a Tour on your device, it will be automatically transferred back to komoot, as soon as you establish an internet connection via Wifi. Please be aware that the device will split your Tour into segments when you take longer breaks in between. The Tour will appear as a whole in the app but as different segments in the Bosch portal. Those segments will then be imported to komoot the same way they appear in the Bosch portal.

Disconnecting komoot from Bosch devices

If you want to disconnect your device from komoot, go to the Bosch portal on the Bosch website and click on the symbol of your profile on the top right corner. Then click on data security and scroll down until you find the komoot connection. There you will find a button “disconnect from komoot”.

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