In order to start and end a Tour in the same spot, you need to plan it as a round trip. You can plan your own round trips or choose from round Tours suggested by komoot.

Plan your own round trip

To plan a round trip, choose a starting point, then you choose the second waypoint, which usually represents the destination of your Tour. This point should be placed the furthest away from your starting point along the route you want to plan. Next update the Route Type to “Round trip” by clicking the drop down menu where it says “One way”. In the app you find the option “Round Trip” above the waypoints in the planning menu. You will get a round trip suggested by komoot, which you can adjust according to your needs.

You can also plan or adjust your round trip Tour step by step by selecting the “One way” Route type and adding  one waypoint after the other. Komoot automatically integrates your waypoints into the Tour regardless of the order in which you set them.To avoid this, select your end point by clicking a point on  the map and select "Set as destination”  You can also hold down the alt key on a Windows computer (option key on a Mac) and then click on the next point along your route. On the spot you chose, a new waypoint will appear, which will automatically be the new end point of your Tour. You can adjust the order of the waypoints (and therefore the direction of your route) by toggling the order of the waypoints. Do this by hovering the mouse over the three lines in the green route breakdown on the left of the map and dragging and dropping the fields. Alternatively, you can manually drag and drop the waypoints on the map by clicking on them.

Get suggestions of round trips

In some regions where komoot is available it’s possible to  get suggestions for round trips from komoot in the app and on the webpage. If available, click “Discover” in the top left of the screen,  and enter a place where you want to find a Tour. All Tour suggestions that show up will be round trips in the area you chose. You can also use Highlights which are presented to you in the "Discover" section to get suggestions for Tours that pass by these Highlights. Simply open the Highlight by clicking ot rapping on the red icons and corresponding Smart Tours will be displayed sorted by difficulty level. You might need to scroll down to see them, if you’re on the website.

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