Planning New Tours

The best way to plan Tours is via the route planner on our website. All Tours you plan here, are synchronized with your Profile in the komoot app. Our route planner is found here: Log in with the same email-address you use in the app.


1. Choose your sport

First choose the sports type you want to use via the planning menu on the left. 

The sports type you choose affects the types of paths we choose for planning (more paved roads if you choose a road bike, for instance). It also determines, which Highlights (the red markers on the map) we show you. These are suggestions of interesting places or trails by other komoot users, and can also be used for planning.

Tip: Click on the small arrows below the icons for hiking, mountain biking and biking to display further options, such as bike with gravel our mountaineering.

2. Round Trip - or Start-End-Tour?

Want to go from A to B or plan a round trip? Make your choice before placing the first waypoints. A round trip takes you back to your starting point via the best possible way. A Tour from A to B is useful if you are planning a Tour with several legs, for instance, or want to return to your starting point via public transport.


3. Adding waypoints

There are different ways of placing waypoints on the map.

  1. Click on the map with your left mouse key and choose "Start here" to place the first point. 

  2. Enter the address into the planning menu on the left, or use coordinates (as decimals) 

  3. Click on POI-symbols such as sights, restaurants and camping sites to add them to your planning.

  4. Click on the red Highlights on the map to add them to your Tour.

Tip: Place only the most important waypoints required to plan your Tour. You can drag the tour line using your mouse if you want to change the course of your Tour. 

4. Editing the planned Tour, shuffling the order of waypoints, reversing the direction of your Tour 

Once you have placed your waypoints, you can see the planned Tour as blue line on the map. There are several means to edit it: 

  1. Sort the waypoints via the planning menu by moving them above or below.

  2. Use your mouse to drag the blue line to another track. If the route you wish to use is not accepted, it's possible it cannot be used via the sport you have chosen, or not in this direction. 

  3. Delete waypoints by clicking on them in the planning menu and using the "X" icon, or by clicking and removing them on the map. 

  4. Use the double arrow icon below the planning menu to reverse your Tour direction. 


5. Details to your Tour (Difficulty, fitness, altitude profile, etc.)

With each Tour we are giving you detailed information such as an altitude profile, duration and length

Tip: You can influence your Tour's duration by adjusting the fitness bar below the planning menu - from untrained to pro (5 levels).

Additionally, we are showing you a difficulty scale (blue = easy, red = medium, black = difficult). More on these difficulty levels is found here. The colored bars show you details on the surface types of your Tour.

Tip: Clicking on the way types marks the respective spots on the Tour line. This enables you to directly see the paved areas, for instance. 

6. Further features

  1. Chose different POI (Point of Interest) categories on the left. You can also display several categories at the same time. Click on them, and use the "Save" button on the left to bookmark them for later. Bookmarked POIs and Highlights are displayed in blue, and are also found in the app.

  2. Many single trails are displayed as green numbers showing their difficulty on the map (For instance: S1 oder S0).

  3. The map icons on the right hand side can be used to display other map overlays, such as OpenCycleMap or Google Satellite.

Tip: The (?) on the bottom right displays a map legend and shortcuts.

7. Save your Tour

Done planning? Then use the "Save" button below the planning menu. Now you can:

a) Invite friends

Want to do the tour with friends? Then invite them, and we will send them an invitation. You can find your Tour in your Profile after. 


b) Use the Tour in the app

Your planned Tour will appear in the list of planned Tours in the komoot app automatically. Access your profile (head icon), then choose the Tour under "Planned". Now you can download the Tour for offline use via the toggle "store for offline use". 

c) Print or download the Tour for offline use

The symbols are found below the details of each Tour. More on GPX downloads is found here.


d) Sharing your Tour on Facebook & Co or embedding it in your website.

Use the "Share" button and the displayed link to share or embed your Tour.

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