There is no overview of all available regions in one file or map. You can find the regions area in the App under “More” (the tree symbol for Premium), in the search or on our website

To see the dimensions of a single region or region bundle on a map, search a city’s name in the regions area.  To find out if a country is included in the World Pack, search the country’s name instead of the city. 

Instead of downloading entire regions, you can make single planned Tours available offline on your mobile device.  All required maps are downloaded automatically with the Tour. This is especially useful if you are planning a long Tour crossing several regions and want to save space. Open a planned Tour in the komoot app and use the toggle "available offline", then wait for the Tour to be downloaded and marked with a downloaded icon (). You only need whole regions to be available offline when you plan on starting a recording without any navigation in that area, that is when you use the map and your location as your only orientation. Making the region available offline does not make the Tours in that region available offline.

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