Many people use komoot in conjunction with other tools to track and improve their fitness. It would be great to be able to save and display calorie expenditure and heart rate information in komoot completed Tours. It would also be possible to display an estimate of burned calories in planned Tours, based on the other data that is available. 


Komoot does not save any calorie or heart rate information anywhere, even if a Tour is imported via another provider that does record this type of data. The komoot app on the Apple Watch does display some of this information during a recording but this data is not synced back to komoot. 


Our primary focus at komoot is adventure. We want everyone who uses komoot to feel empowered to go into the outdoors and experience something new and exciting. Calorie and heart rate information is mainly relevant for people who want to improve their performance and fitness. While we're happy to see people experience other positive effects from using komoot, we want to focus on helping them build a deep connection to nature and being outside. As of now, we don't have any plans to extend our product offering in this direction. 


A huge variety of different devices and tools can be integrated with komoot, which you can use for this purpose, while still keeping the majority of your experience on komoot. A full list of these devices can be found on our website.

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