You can use the komoot app on your Wahoo device by setting up a connection between your komoot account and the Wahoo Elemnt Companion App. This allows you to transfer routes from komoot to the Companion app, then use them to navigate on your Wahoo device. 

Connecting a Wahoo to komoot

To connect your Wahoo with your komoot account, you need to download the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion app and create a Wahoo Account. In the Companion app go to the connections section and click on komoot. Then login with the username and password you use for your komoot account and allow the app to access your komoot profile. 

In the next step you turn on your Wahoo, then click the start button a second time to get to the menu and choose “pair phone”. Your Wahoo device will show a QR code on the screen. Scan the code with the Elemnt Companion app. After confirming the pairing the device is connected to your phone. 

Please ensure you’re logged in to the correct komoot account in the komoot app.

Transfer planned Tours

After you’ve established the connection, go to the “Workout” section and click on “Choose Route” in the Companion app. Your komoot Tours will automatically be synchronized. To transfer the routes to your Wahoo device, you need to push the routes manually. 

Open the route you want to transfer, choose “select” in the upper right corner. Then the route will sync to your Wahoo. Since Wahoo is a cycling computer, you can only transfer Tours that have been planned with a sport type related to cycling. Your Wahoo needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, or alternatively you can transfer your planned routes via Bluetooth. If you choose the option "Synchronize all" on the Wahoo, you can also transfer all your Tours to your Wahoo device. 

Please note To navigate your komoot Tours on your Wahoo device, you need to unlock the region your tours start in, or buy the World Pack. Each user that signs up on komoot will get one free region from us. If you need help to unlock it, please read this article

Sync your recordings with komoot

After connecting your komoot account, all Tours you record on your Wahoo will be synced with your komoot profile and added to your completed Tour list. To check the sync status of your activities, tap on the share icon within that specific activity in the Wahoo Elemnt Companion app.

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