Depending on whether you have a public or a private profile, you will have different settings available to control who can access your Tours. You can set these by adjusting the visibility of each Tour to:

  • “Only you” - your Tours are private by default. No one can view, like or comment on them, and other komoot users won’t get notifications when you complete private Tours. 
  • “Close friends” - you can share yours Tours with people on your close friends list and they will get notified when you complete a Tour and be able to interact with it. Your Tour will not be accessible to anyone else. 
  • “All followers” - if you have a private account, you can share the Tour with everyone who follows you. All followers will be able to like and comment on your Tour.
  • “Everyone” - if you have a public account, the Tour will be visible to everyone, and all komoot users will be able to like and comment on it. 

You can invite people as participants to your Tours irrespective of your privacy setting. For example, you can set your Tour as visible to “only you” and still invite another user without having to change this setting. More information about your profile visibility can be found here: Managing your profile visibility

Changing the default setting

You can change the default setting for sharing Tours. 

To do this on our website, click on the three dots at the top right, Settings > Privacy and scroll down to “Planned and completed Tours” to change the  setting. 

To do this on our app, click on your Profile > Settings (the cogwheel icon) > Privacy > Content privacy and select your preference under “Planned and completed Tours” and “Personal Collections.”

Changing the setting for individual Tours

You can also change this setting for individual Tours. To do this, open the Tour that you would like to edit and click on “Visible to:”, then select the option that you would like.

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