Searching for other users based on the region that they're active in, the sports that they do, or any other feature of their account would be great. It would be an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and plan new Tours with them. It's also quite hard to find existing friends on komoot, so more robust searching options would be helpful. 


It's possible to search for users in komoot based on their username. Since usernames aren't unique on komoot, this often results in a long list of potential users who you might be looking for. There are no other searching possibilities on komoot. 


We definitely plan on improving the user search in general, to make it much easier to find other people, and we're committed to developing all community features on komoot further over the coming years. Our Product team hasn't yet decided whether a user search based on regions or something similar will be part of these improvements, as we're still assessing what those improvements will look like.


If you'd like to interact more deeply with your local community:

  • Your Discover feed will contain some suggestions of Tours from users who are active in your region. You can always interact and engage with their Tours, by liking them, leaving comments, or following their accounts and make connections that way.

If you're looking for one particular person who you know has a komoot account:

  • The best way to find them is to ask them to share their profile link with you, by opening their own profile and tapping on the share icon. That way you can open their profile and follow them.

Tip: You can keep up to date with all recent komoot releases by checking out this page.

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