The komoot App for the Apple Watch does not work as a standalone App, it works only in combination with your iPhone. The OS must be updated regularly, the link works best with the latest OS versions of both the Watch and the Phone. 


Installing the Watch app

Open the Watch App on your iPhone or iPad. If you have komoot on your device, it will appear on the available apps. Make sure you activate it to be displayed on your watch.


Turn-by-turn alerts on the Apple Watch

If you start the navigation on the Apple Watch, the turn-by-turn instructions will arrive on the wach directly. If you start the tour in the komoot app on your iPhone or iPad, you need to activate them there. 
  • Start the Tour via "Navigation"
  • Tap the icon with the three dots at the bottom right of the map
  • Now tap on Voice in the next screen
  • Now activate Notifications
  • Also make sure that in your iPhone's notification settings, komoot uses the banner style. Settings > Notifications > Komoot > Alerts "Show as banners" needs to be activated 

Turn-by-turn alerts disappear when the display deactivates

Either tap the digital crone twice or make the following changes in the Apple Watch App on your phone: General > Wake Screen > Wake on Weist Raise
Otherwise the next notifications will come when the next turn comes up.

Can I keep displaying komoot on the Watch without the screen turning off?

The Watch currently is not set up to keep apps in the foreground at all times.


I can only see the last saved Tour on my Apple Watch - How can I start another Tour?

On the watch display, you will always see the last Tour you saved. To display and use another your Tour on the watch, open the komoot app in your iPhone, then click of a Tour of your choice and the "Navigate" button. The Tour will then appear in your watch. Make sure the notifications are enabled as described above.


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