There are many situations where you might not have an internet connection while on the go. While it's great to be able to use navigation instructions offline, it would be even better to be able to plan or make changes to the Tour offline as well. That would make it possible to get up-to-date navigation instructions no matter what detours you go on. 


All routing on komoot happens on our server. This means that every time you try to update or plan a new Tour on the mobile app, the app connects to the komoot servers with a request and then applies updates based on that. This requires an internet connection.


We know this is a very valuable feature, that would offer huge opportunities in terms of making it possible to use komoot for planning in more places, foreign countries and so on. We would love to be able to offer it at some point in future. The route planner and routing algorithm is a huge part of komoot. Making it available offline would require a deep and complex restructuring of the entire planning part of komoot, which is something that we don't currently have the capacity to take on. 


The best way to use komoot remains planning the Tour when you have an internet connection and then downloading it for offline use. One way you could access the map offline, even without having a planned Tour, is by downloading the region. This would make it possible for you to open the komoot app, see the map, and decide where to go based on that, even if you aren't able to actively set way points and plan a Tour. 

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