We offer several types of vouchers through different channels – via our “Invite a friend” program, our partners, and special promotions. After redeeming a voucher on our website, you can use it to unlock a region. 

Redeeming Vouchers 


To redeem a voucher code, log in on our website using the email address and password you also use in the app. You can redeem the voucher at the bottom of your settings page under “Redeem a voucher”.  If you are already logged in you can just go directly to the Redeem a vouche page and enter your code. The code will be saved in your account.


Due to the limitations on the Play and App stores, it is not possible to redeem vouchers in the apps, so please always use our website.

Unlocking regions after redeeming a voucher code

If you entered a World Pack voucher, you now have access to all available regions on komoot.

Some vouchers from our partners unlock specific regions or region bundles. After entering the code, you will see a message that tells you which region is unlocked, and you can see that region in your profile settings or the regions' area.

Vouchers for regions of your choice will be saved in your account and be available for you to redeem with your next purchase.  When you go to the regions' area in our app or on the website and enter a city of your choice, unlocking the single region or the region bundle will be free.

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