Purchasing komoot products unlocks a number of features. To make your Tours available offline, use our voice navigation or start a recording in a downloaded region, the region the Tour starts in has to be unlocked. We provide every customer with one free region to test all our features in a region of their choice, so you can make an informed decision. If you decide you want to use our core features in more regions you can decide between single regions, region bundles and the World Pack – acquired with a one-time payment. For those who want to go further we offer our subscription model Premium, for a yearly fee that can be renewed or canceled every year and offers additional features.

The purchase is always bound to the komoot account and mail address you are logged in with during the purchase. Please make sure to always use the same profile on komoot - no matter if you use the app or our website.

These are the payment methods we offer.


To make a purchase, click on the "Shop" button on the top right of our website. Select the product you want. These payment methods are available:

Credit Card

We accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Payments with komoot are secure – we encrypt your data with an SSL connection. Your credit card data is not stored in your komoot account if you choose a product with a one-time payment. For Premium purchases your credit card data is saved by our payment provider, Stripe, for the renewal of the annual subscription or for use at the end of a free trial.


When you choose to pay with PayPal we forward you to your PayPal account. Your login data is not stored with komoot if you choose a product with a one-time payment. Only for Premium do we save the data for the renewal of the purchase after one year.

Direct debit

Direct debit is available in all countries that have the euro currency. 


To make a purchase directly in the komoot app, tap the option “More” in the main menu at the bottom. Choose the product you want. If you choose a single region or a region bundle, we display the Regions and Region Bundles closest to you at the top – based on the location we detect. To buy a region of your choice, tap “Select a single region /region bundle” and enter the name of a city in the desired area. 

Android — Google Play Store

When making purchases in the App via Google Play you are automatically using the payment method set up in your Google account. If it's your first time making a purchase, your payment method will be added to your Google account in the process. You can also use your Google Play credit or use Play Store vouchers for your payment. Please consult the Google Play help to find out how that's done if you need assistance.

iOS — App Store

If you use the iOS app, you make your purchases via the App Store and the payment method you entered there. You can also use your iOS credits or vouchers. For help with App Store payments, please contact Apple Support.

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