If you have a compatible Garmin device, you can install the komoot App on your Garmin via Garmin Connect IQ. You can check here, if your device is compatible: List with compatible Garmin devices.

Setting up the connection 

To set up the connection you need to connect your Garmin and your komoot account. You can do this either on the komoot website or in the komoot App. 

  1. Go to your komoot Profile > Settings > Connections > choose “Connect to Garmin”
  2. Enter your Garmin login details
  3. Choose “Activities” if you want your Tours to be synched from Garmin to komoot and /or “Courses” if you want your planned komoot Tours to be synched to your Garmin. Read more about this here.
  4. Make sure you add your Garmin device to your Garmin Connect account. If you need help with this, have a look at the Garmin Help Center.
  5. Download the komoot App via the Garmin Connect IQ Store. It will appear under the IQ symbol on your Garmin device.

Make sure your Garmin device is always close to your phone when transferring Tours in order to ensure a stable bluetooth connection. 

Navigating komoot Tours on Garmin

In the komoot App on your Garmin device you see the list of your planned komoot Tours. You can download them to the device doing the following:

  1. Click on “Planned Tours” in the komoot App on your Garmin
  2. Choose the Tour you want to navigate and click on the small switch “offline available”
  3. The Tour will be downloaded to your courses folder 
  4. Click “Start navigation” in the komoot App to start the Tour

At the moment you can only download and navigate planned Tours on your Garmin, no Tours that are saved under completed Tours on your komoot account. 

Please note: To use this integration for your planned Tours, you need to unlock the region your Tour starts in. Please read here how to unlock a region: Purchasing komoot products.

Deleting Tours from a Garmin device

If you want to delete a komoot Tour from your Garmin device, you can do this by toggling the "offline available" switch again. This deletes the Tour from your courses folder. You also have the possibility to delete the Tours manually by connecting your Garmin to your computer via a cable. 

Updating Tours on the Garmin device

If you make a change to a komoot Tour which is already downloaded to your Garmin, this change will not automatically update on your Garmin. When you go to the planned Tour on your Garmin device, you will see a small note next to the updated Tour saying “updated”. You can update the Tour by clicking the switch in the Tour. 

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