The komoot app uses the GPS system of your device to navigate and locate your current position. It's important that the GPS chip of your mobile phone or tablet is fully functional. Services like Google Maps use other sources to locate you, such as WiFi hotspots or the mobile network. They do not rely exclusively on GPS.

If you are out in bad weather conditions, between high buildings, in a forest or in the mountains between rock walls, GPS problems may occur more frequently. Also note that there are differences between the devices you use, as not all of them use the same systems. Therefore it’s highly likely you’ll get different results with two different devices, even if you record the same Tour with them.

If you have GPS signal but the recording looks very inaccurate on the map, please recalibrate the compass of your device. This can help with the accuracy.

Your position cannot be located or the recording won't start

There can be several reasons why, please check the following:

  • Make sure the location services are activated for komoot, and location is turned to "high accuracy" (Android) 
  • Some smartphone cases and bike fixtures contain magnets and can disturb the GPS system. Remove those and try again
  • Test your signal in an open space. Inside your house as well as between high buildings and rock walls you might have limited reception.
  • Give your device a bit of time to find the signal. This can take some time, especially on a cloudy day,
  • Deactivate any type of energy saving on your phone
  • If the above troubleshooting didn’t help, restart your phone. The GPS chip will be restarted too and possible problems might be solved.
  • Ensure you have enough memory space so komoot can save data for a recording

Testing your phone's GPS system (Android)

To test the GPS functionality of Android devices, we use the app “GPS Status & Toolbox”. You can download it for free in the Play Store. As mentioned above, Google Maps uses different methods to locate you, but you need the GPS system to work properly to use komoot. Test your position while you are outside. If the app isn’t able to locate you in an open space, there's a problem with your device.

If your position can be determined, check whether it works when you use komoot. Start a recording in the komoot app, then switch to your status app and check whether you still get a signal. If that's not the case, get in touch with our team. Please also include which troubleshooting measures you’ve already tried.

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