You can crop your completed Tour for example if you don't want your home address to be visible or if you forgot to end your recording.

Note: Cropping a tour is currently only supported via the website.

Tip: If you don't actually want to remove a part of your Tour, but would rather hide the start and end point of your Tour, you have the option to create a privacy zone around the area you want to keep secret. How to create and manage privacy zones can be read in the linked article.

In the edit mode on our website you will find the crop function in your completed tours. You can remove the beginning and/ or end of your recording. This is how it works:

  1. Click on your username
  2. Select Tours Completed
  3. Open the Tour you want to trim
  4. Click Edit Tour
  5. Select Crop () from the top menu
  6. Move the two white flags to the points where the Tour should start and end. The part that should be kept is marked in white between the two flags, the part that should be cut is shown in blue.
  7. Click Crop Tour to see what the cropped Tour would look like.
  8. When you are satisfied with the displayed Tour, confirm your selection by clicking the Crop Tour button or click Cancel to continue editing.

Note: The NEXT button takes you to the next step in the Edit-Tour-interface. If you click the NEXT button without performing the above-mentioned steps 7 and 8, you will leave the Crop-section without making any changes.


Attention: The cropping of the Tour cannot be undone. The cropped part of the Tour is irrevocably deleted, including all photos in those areas.

Tip: Trimming the Tour is also possible via the Speed Profile displayed under the map. To do this, move the start and end points to the desired position on the timeline.

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