You can use the cropping function on our website to hide your home address, if a Tour started there, and to change the start and end points of a Tour. 

In the section “Completed Tours” on our website, we offer the "Edit Tour" option. Here you'll find the "Crop" feature. You can remove the end or the beginning of your Tour. Go to the website, open the completed Tour and click Edit in the right hand menu. Select the function "Crop" in the upper left corner. 

Now drag the start and end points A/B of the tour along the tourline, so that they mark the part you want to keep in white. All other parts of the tour are marked in blue and will be irrevocably deleted, including all photos in these areas - so please be careful!

Once the area is definitely selected correctly, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and select the green "Crop Tour" button. 



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