If you are planning your next activity in an area with poor internet reception or want to save mobile data, you can make your planned Tours available offline. If you want to go on an unplanned trip just download the whole region. This way we can navigate you on your Tour or show you your position on the map without an internet connection.

Planned Tours

You will find the toggle “Store For Offline Use” in the detail view of all your planned Tours in the app. After pushing the switch over to the right a download process will start. When it is concluded, you see a little black pin behind the name of the Tour, in the Tour list, under “planned” in your profile. You will now be able to start a navigation of this Tour while being offline.


If you want to record a Tour without navigation and without planning ahead you can make the maps for most regions available offline. A large number of the countries we offer in our World Pack are available in the form of regions or region bundles. You can manage your offline regions in the app by tapping “... more” and then "Manage Regions" or “Unlocked Packages”. As soon as the region is unlocked you will find a toggle in the detail view to “Store for offline use”. 

When komoot Premium is activated, "More" becomes "Premium". To manage your regions under "Premium" scroll all the way down – you’ll need to enter the region you wish to download in the search field and “Store for offline use”.

The maps that were made available offline will automatically be used during a recording in that area.


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