Komoot sends out notifications, via email or push notifications to your mobile phone, depending on your settings. By default, we’ll send you a newsletter whenever we release new features, or if there are big changes at komoot. Depending on your location, we may also send out weekly recommendations and Highlights in your region. You can change your notification settings at any time in the profile settings on our website by clicking on “Notifications” on the left. You can also change them in the mobile app by going to Profile > Settings (Cogwheel) > Notifications. 

It's possible you’ll get newsletters or Highlight mails up to a week after you change your settings. That’s because we update the data once a week, then send the mails to all users who signed up for them at the time. 

Subscribing to the newsletter

To subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletter with updates, tick the checkmark at "Receive news from komoot."

Subscribing to weekly tips in your region

We send out tips for Highlights in your region starting on Thursday. Whether these get sent out depends on the number and quality of Highlights in your area. You can subscribe or unsubscribe by changing the toggle under  "Tips for Highlights in my region." More information about these emails is in the following help article: Weekly tips of Highlights.

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