There is no official way to turn a planned Tour into a completed Tour on komoot. If you finished a Tour but did not have the chance to record it, you can export your planned Tour as a GPX file and import it again as a completed tour. This is only possible via the website. 

Open the planned Tour on the website. Find the option “Export to GPS Device” in the menu section to the right of the Tour. Upload your GPX file again by using the “+” symbol located on the right side of the black menu bar on the top of our website (next to the notification bell). Then save the gpx details as a completed Tour by choosing the corresponding date and sport type. A more detailed description is in our help article on GPX files.

After the import you will be able to add photos to your Tour and create Highlights. This can also be used to add Tours you have done in the past to your komoot profile, even if you didn’t plan them with komoot. You will have to plan the Tour first and follow the instructions above. You can also import externally recorded GPX files as completed Tours. In order to download GPX files, you must have the corresponding region unlocked.

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