If you’re using an Android device and komoot suddenly stops while you’re recording or navigating a route, the most likely cause are your phone settings. It could be that you see straight lines in your recording – a sign that the GPS signal was lost, or that the navigation of a route stops completely. If it stops while your screen is turned off, it is highly likely to be related to your phone settings. 

The Android system has a number of different things that restrict app function. They often occur while the app is running in the background and are usually designed to optimise battery power or to free up memory space. These settings are different in every device and the naming is also inconsistent across devices, so please look up your own device’s settings.

Try to confirm that the komoot app has the following access:

  • It is allowed to run in the background.
  • It can access your GPS location while running in the background ("always" if the option is available and "while app is in use" if it is not).
  • It is excluded from your power saving mode.
  • It is excluded from any other settings that optimise memory space. 

There are some tips for some Android devices below but please bear in mind that finding these settings is specific to each device.


The two most relevant articles for the settings that affect komoot on a Samsung device are:

Please ensure that your GPS location is active and check your device care settings. On recent Samsung devices, you can usually see the rights that komoot has access to by going to Settings > Apps > komoot. You can see the general optimisation settings under Settings > Device care. Under the battery settings here, there might be an option to “put unused apps to sleep.” Please either toggle this off or make sure that komoot is excluded. You should also turn off any automatic optimisation that your phone runs or schedule it for when you are not using komoot. 

The above articles have some screenshots to show what this could look like on your Samsung device. If you have an older device or if these settings do not match your phone, please search for information specific to your device.


The default settings of Xiaomi devices can also limit komoot's navigation features. To solve this, please go to “Security” > Manage apps > Komoot > Battery saver > and select 'No restrictions.'


On most Huawei devices, you can find the critical points by going to Settings > Apps > Settings (at the bottom of the screen) > Special Access > Ignore optimizations and then allow it for komoot. You should also go to Settings > Apps > komoot > Battery > enable all “manage manually” options for komoot and disable the “power intensive prompt.”

Some devices will have these options under Settings > Battery or Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager.


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