You can use the voice navigation for every komoot Tour that starts in a region you’ve unlocked in your account. What we offer:

  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation based on GPS so no internet connection necessary
  • The app tells you when you leave the planned Tour
  • Directions guide you back to your planned Tour
  • You can customize or replan your Tour if you have an internet connection
  • Voice navigation saves battery

Start navigation

To start the navigation of a planned Tour, go to your profile in the app and tap on the "Planned" Tours. Select the Tour then scroll down to the Tour details and tap the button "Store For Offline Use." This makes it available offline on your phone with all the necessary map data for the trip. When you’re ready to go just tap "Start Navigation". 


You can access settings for the navigation as soon as you’ve started it. In the iOS app you find the button “Controls”, in the Android App it is a little loudspeaker icon: Here you can activate and deactivate the voice navigation as well as the automatic replan. The volume is the volume of your device, you can regulate it with the usual buttons on your phone.

Instructions to start point

If you are not exactly in the spot where you set point A of the Tour, but you are close by, komoot will navigate you to it, directly in the app. If point A is very far away and you need to travel to point A by car or public transport, click the option “Get directions” further down in the Tour details. You’ll be directed to the maps app you have installed on your phone so you can get directions to the start point. When you arrive at point A, you can start the navigation as described above.


While navigating, the app automatically records your Tour. After saving and uploading the Tour, you can see the Route you actually took in your Profile under “Completed”. Your Tour data is displayed and you can add pictures to it, and share it with the komoot community.

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