You can use the voice navigation for every komoot Tour that starts in a region you’ve unlocked in your account. As the komoot voice navigation uses GPS to locate you, you do not need an internet connection to receive turn-by-turn instructions. Receive notifications once you've left the Tour and choose to enable the auto replan functionality (internet required). It's up to you whether you want to follow the instructions on the screen or only by voice instructions which will save battery.

Note: Before starting a Tour, make sure to download it for offline use as described below. This will save the necessary map data on your phone and allow you to navigate offline. 

Tip: The region of the starting point must be unlocked to enable the navigation function.

Start navigation

To start the navigation of a planned Tour open the app and follow this instruction:

  1. Click on your Profile ()
  2. Tap on Planned Tours
  3. Select the Tour you want to navigate
  4. Toggle Store for offline use
  5. Hit Start Navigation

Instructions to start point

If you are not exactly at the starting point of your Tour — but close by — and have an internet connection, komoot will navigate you to it, directly in the app.

If the start point is far away, you will be asked if you want to get there by car or public transport which will direct you to a navigation app you have installed on your phone and get directions to the start point from there. Once you've arrived at the start point A, start the navigation as described above.

Navigation features

Once you start the navigation the blue Tour line will indicate the planned route. A red line will indicate the actual travelled path. Your position is marked by the red circle and the arrowhead should point in the direction of your movement.

In the upper screen section, you see your current as well as the average speed. Swiping to the right will show travelled distance and distance to the next waypoint, traveled and remaining km, time in motion and remaining time, the elevation profile and current elevation. Premium users additionally find the weather forecast here. 

On the very top of the screen, you find the next navigation instruction. 

Tip: Tapping on the navigation instruction or the Tour data will enlarge it. 


Change orientation

Tap on the map orientation icon () to align the map according to your line of sight or compass direction to determine your position. Read more about this feature here.

Replan to Start

Select Controls > Replan to Start if you want to get back to your start point. 

Auto Replan

If you deviate from the Tour line, komoot will replan if a better alternative for your selected sport was found. To enable this functionality click Controls and tick Auto Replan.

Note: Komoot can only replan the Tour with a stable internet connection.

Navigation instructions: Voice, notification or mute

Select Controls and tap on VoiceMute or Notification (depending on current setting) to change your preference.

Note: To regulate the volume of the voice navigation use the usual volume buttons on your phone.

Pause: Through the GPS signal, komoot knows when you take a break. If you stop for a few seconds, the recording will be paused automatically. It will continue when komoot recognizes that you are moving again. You can also pause the Tour manually by selecting Controls > Pause Navigation (). To Resume Navigation manually tap the play icon (). 

Finish Navigation: After you are done with your Tour, you need to save it. To do so click Controls > Finish Navigation.

Note: While navigating, the app automatically records your Tour. If you want to continue recording after you reached the endpoint of the planned Tour, just keep on and you will find the record of the route you actually followed saved in your profile.

For Premium users

Komoot Premium Sport specific maps: Use the layer icon () to switch between different sport specific maps such as the Hiking map, Cycling map or Mountain biking map.

Live Tracking: Activate Live Tracking () to allow others to follow your location as you record your Tour. Read more about it here.

Weather: Swiping to the right in the Tour data (shown under the navigation instructions) will show the weather. Tapping on it will bring up the forecast along your Tour.

You get the option to add photos, tag friends you experienced the Tour with, create or recommend highlights. You will also find an overview of your Tour profile. Once you've saved your Tour, you can always access and edit it via your Profile () > Completed Tours as well as from the website by clicking on your username > Completed Tours. 
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