On most Android devices, komoot automatically recognizes the correct path to save the offline maps. Unfortunately the device producers tend to come up with new folders, and thus it can sometimes take a while until komoot can support the automatic recognition with new or rare devices.

Your SD card cannot be read?

If your offline maps are not saved on your SD card, or you get an error message when downloading them, the easiest is to reinstall the komoot app. After installing the komoot app again you will see a dialogue where you need to give komoot permission to read and write data on your device. Upon your first download, komoot will ask you where you want to store your maps and you can thus select the correct path.

The storage path that is set automatically, differs depending on which SD card/device you use. It might look something like this: /storage/0879-63A8/Android/data/de.komoot.android/files

If your SD card cannot be read, without you changing SD card or your settings, it could be that the SD card is damaged. So in case your SD worked before you should try formatting it or try if a different SD card works. You can always switch to internal memory.

Note: Deinstalling the app and installing it again makes the system adapt the path automatically.

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