If you have an external GPS file in GPX format, you can import the file directly to the komoot app or on our website. It is also possible to export a komoot Tour in GPX format in order to use it on an external device.

Exporting a komoot Tour

Downloading your Tour as a GPX file is offered on the website as well as in our mobile apps. If you have unlocked the Region your Tour starts in, you can download it as a GPX file and use it on another device. If the required Region is not unlocked, we will show you which one you need for this Tour in the store.

To download the file, open the tour details and click on “Export To GPS Device” on the right, in the app you open the menu with the three dots in the top right corner. The track will be exported as a GPX file and saved on your device, you can then import it for example in the app of another device that supports these files.

Voice navigation as well as the komoot map are not part of these files, they are only available via our app.

Importing an external Tour 

You have the option to import the GPX file as a planned or completed Tour. Importing it as a planned Tour will allow you to save and edit it in the planner and use it later, whereas importing it as a completed Tour will add the activity to your list of completed Tours on your profile. Before saving as a completed Tour komoot will ask you to choose the date of when you did the Tour and to select the sport type.

Import a GPS file in the app

To import a GPS file in the komoot app, go to your profile and open your Tour list (completed or planned Tours). In the top right corner on your screen you see the button “Import”. Alternatively, you can use the plus symbol on your profile next to “Tours” and choose “import file”. You’ll then be prompted to import a GPS file directly from your phone’s storage, Google Drive or iCloud. 

Import a GPS file on the Website

To import GPS files on our website, simply click on the plus icon at the top right of the menu and then on "Upload GPX file". This will take you to the import page where you’ll be given the option to import your file as a planned or completed Tour. Then drag a file into the window or click on “Upload file” and choose the file from your laptop. Then decide if you want to import it as a planned or completed tour.

In the next step you have the possibility to choose if komoot should keep the original route from the file. If you want this, choose “Stick to original route”. Komoot will add off-grid sections where the route differs from known paths. If you choose “Stick to known ways” instead, komoot may adapt parts of your route to alternative ways.  In this case the route can differ from the original, but will be more reliable if you want to use it for navigation in the future.

If you save your tour as completed Tour, it will be imported directly into your list of completed Tours.


Supported File Types

Komoot supports all GPX, FIT and TCX files.

If you encounter any problems with the upload of the files, please have a look at this article: Errors during GPX file upload.

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