We send out tips of Highlights in your region on a weekly basis. These emails are generated automatically, based on your location and your favourite sports types. 

Changing the region

To receive tips for a different region, please turn on your GPS location and open komoot. We send out tips based on your last stored location. A more detailed explanation is in our help article "Receiving tips for a different region". 

Changing the sports type

To change your favourite sports type, go to your Settings > "Favorite Sports". Your preference is taken into consideration when the emails are generated. We try to send out at least one Highlight per sports type. However, if there aren’t enough Highlights with positive ratings available in your region, we will also send our tips for other sports types. 

Not receiving tips despite correct settings

If we’ve sent out all Highlights currently available in your region, we will stop sending out these emails for a little while. 

It's also possible that you won't receive any in your region if there are few or only low-quality Highlights in your area. 

Deactivating weekly Highlight emails

Go to your Profile > Settings > Notifications. You can subscribe or unsubscribe under "Tips for Highlights in my region."

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