You can follow and be followed by other users on komoot. Additionally, you can control which followers see what by creating a close friends list.

Info accessible to your followers

Followers can access your history of Tours, including statistics, your routes, your photos and Highlights, and they can see whom you completed various Tours with. Private Tours, or Tours shared with your close friends list will not be visible to all your followers, More information about sharing Tours can be found in this article:Controlling who sees your Tours

Adding close friends

You can only add users as close friends who are already following you. 

To do this on our website, open “Your profile” by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner, then click on the left on “Close friends.” Next to each follower’s name is an additional menu that you can access by clicking on the three dots. You can then choose to “Add to friends list.” Alternatively, if you open the user’s profile that you want to add to your close friends list, you’ll see a large star icon under their profile picture. Clicking on that will also add them. 

To do this on our app, open your profile and click on “Manage friends,” then select the “Close friends” tab. You can add close friends by clicking on the “Add” button next to the follower’s name. 

Removing close friends

To remove close friends on our website, open your profile by clicking on your profile picture on the top right and then “Close friends.” Clicking on the star next to the friend’s name will remove them. 

To remove close friends on our app, open your profile, click on “Manage friends” and then “Close friends.” Clicking on the star next to each friend’s name will remove them from your close friends list. 

Approving followers

If you would like to approve followers before they can access your Tours and other information, you can set your profile to private. More information about how to do this and what means can be found in this article:Managing your profile visibility.

Blocking followers

If you want to prevent a user from seeing your profile content, you can block them. This article explains how to block a user.

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