All maps in the World Pack take up several terabytes and thus cannot be downloaded simultaneously. The same goes for federal states and entire countries such as Germany, France or Italy. The best way to use komoot and to keep the app fast and reactive is to download only the regions you will need in the immediate future, on your next trip. You can make our regions available offline on your mobile devices in the komoot app. You can’t download the maps to your desktop or transfer them to another device.

Downloading regions

  • Log in to the app using the mail address you used for the purchase
  • Tap on the “More” icon in your komoot app or the little tree symbol if you have Premium
  • Scroll down to the regions area
  • Enter the name of the place you wish to visit. If you’re looking for a specific region, enter the name of a town you know there. For example, "Palma" if you want to download maps for Mallorca. The available regions and region bundles will be displayed, and you can download them.

If no region is offered for the city you entered, please have a look at this article: Region not available for download

Downloading Tours

Instead of downloading entire regions you can also download maps for planned Tours. To use your planned Tours offline, select them in the komoot app and toggle the “Store For Offline Use” switch.

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