If you want to change the starting point (point A) of a planned Tour you have several options depending on the device you are using.

Note: When you have a circular route, but it has the Route Type “One Way” with start point A and end point B – go to edit the Route Type to “Round Trip” first, then move the starting point as described below.


To change the starting point on the website you can open the Tour on your profile, select “Replan Tour” and choose “Select starting point”. A preview of the Tour will open and you can then move the starting point along the tour line. Then click “Save” and a copy of the original Tour with the new starting point will be saved in your Tour list.

When you plan a round trip, you can also click on any waypoint and select “Change Start” to change the starting point.


To change the starting point in the app you open the Tour, click on the three dots on the upper right corner and choose “Plan similar Tour”. The Tour will open in the route planner again where you click the green banner on the top of the screen to make the waypoint list appear. To reorder them, drag and drop them from the end to the beginning via the green planning menu on the left side of the route planner. 

Below you can see a video demonstrating how to change the start point by toggling the waypoints. This is also possible in the app.

Start from your current position

In the komoot app you also have the possibility to find and start Smart Tours from your current location. Go to the Discover section and choose your sport type. You will be prompted to the map showing your current location and Tours around you which start close by. You can adapt the search area by zooming in and out of the map or by changing the search parameters.

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