You can invite your friends to join a Tour you’re planning via the website or the app. Your friends will have the planned Tour in their profile and can use it on their own devices for navigation.

Inviting friends 

After you plan the Tour on komoot you can open the Tour and use the “invite” button, which you find on the right side on the website and below the Tour data in the app. In the next window you can search for the people you follow in the search field and click on “invite” next to their name. Alternatively, you can invite someone via email by entering their email address in the search field. Your friends will then receive an invite via email as well as on their komoot profile, depending on what kind of notifications are enabled in their profile settings.

Generate an invitation link

You can also use the “Generate Link” function above the search field and send the Tour  link to all your friends. You can use this link on Facebook and other social media, in a WhatsApp message or in an email. Anyone who receives this link can join your Tour. You can even send this link to friends who are not komoot users. They will not be able to accept the invitation, but if you make your Tour public, they will be able to see it.

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